Socially distanced photography might seem a little tricky at the moment, but for commercial photographers this time can be well spent working with clients creating images for new menu’s, hotel interiors, food photography and websites in a safe environment, to prepare for opening their doors as soon as it is safe. And, while the tides they are changing rapidly with restrictions, in marketing there is no better time to get your thinking caps on and create a strategy that will make your business shine.

One of the biggest photography trends in 2019/2020 that was beginning to trickle to all businesses was behind the scenes (BTS) imagery both high quality images (Professional Photographer) backed by creating your own content (Your own Phone/Camera). Your team tells your business story through everyday tasks and you want this story shared both to the world (hello we are here) throughout your company (a good place to work) and across your marketing platforms (come and see what we offer) in both traditional and new media. From Instagram to Newsletters however you reach your audience, you must have good content to share with them, I stress good because you need to put effort into this, I recommend talking to a professional on how to create a consistent style for you BTS content. I think this trend is far from over and a mix of professional and behind the scenes images will be so important once businesses re-open.

If you would be interested in hearing more. We have 1 day, 2 day or, 3 day options available to potential clients.

Behind the scenes at 101 Limerick

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